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25 Random Things about Me.

1. I *refused* and despised the notion of becoming a Special Education Teacher for years and years. Now I can’t imagine *not.*

2. I was born on Holy Saturday (I think that’s why I like bunnies so much); a month premature.

3. I didn’t go to kindergarten.

4. I will walk between two adolescent boys fighting to separate them, but not girls.

5. Ian and I met at Burning Man, at night, after days of not showering, etc. When we met about a month later for our first dinner date we didn’t recognize each other. For at least 5 minutes (possibly closer to 10) he sat and I stood five feet from him in front of the bookstore before I thought that HAS to be him and spoke up. I thought this was going to be a doomed date. Clearly not the case. :D

6. I still prefer to sleep with a “soft side” (the satin edge on a blanket) like I did when I was a child.

7. I used to line up my dolls and play train engineer/conductor when I was little.

8. I Hated! teaching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone even though I think the book is great.

9. Sometimes I can be quite condescending and I don’t like that part of me.

10. I generally feel intellectually inferior, but not at work.

11. I am a klutz and I bruise easily. This is not a good combination.

12. I have 8 holes in my left ear, 3 in my right, one in my tongue, and 1 in my nostril.

13. I was once introduced, personally, to Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He said I was lovely (or something along those lines).

14. I can’t stand when a tag is sticking out of the back of a shirt. I have to physically stop myself from touching strangers to fix it.

15. When I moved to California I drove with only my cat, Maxling, as my co-pilot.

16. I have loads of patience with my students. Very little for adults who are being stupid when they are in positions that would suggest they have some brain power...

17. I used to search through the dictionary just to find new words to learn.

18. Avocados are yucky and they contaminate everything they touch.

19. SJSU’s special education program has put me through so many ridiculous and pointless hoops. It would be a miracle if I continue for my level II credential or Master’s there. I am just starting to consider what other schools are around for this program, and if they are any better.

20. It is exceedingly rare that there is too much salt or garlic in a meal (where salt and garlic are appropriate, not ice cream or lemon pie....).

21. I have, literally, gotten lost when Point A and Point B were on the same road. Then there was the time I was headed to northern Vermont and ended up in Boston...

22. I was a horrible waitress because I’m just a little too flaky to make it work.

23. I have had my imaginary daughter’s name picked out since middle school or early high school. Good thing Ian has agreed to the name. We haven’t decided on a boy name yet; which is ok, as I’m not pregnant yet... We’ve got time.

24. One of my favorite things to see is the dark of the moon. You know, when there is a thin crescent, but you can still see the rest of the light on the rest of the circle’s edge. I find it beautiful. I want something like that as a tattoo where my neck meets my back.

25. I honestly didn’t think that I would be in a relationship as healthy, goofy, wonderful, fair, honest, good, and loving as the one I am in with Ian. I never quite bought the “You just know when you find the right person,” line, but here I am. It’s true.


Sep. 3rd, 2008 12:58 am
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blatantly copying [personal profile] labelleizzy give me three words and i will write something. likely poetry or vignette.

you may give me whatever words you would like, but i would prefer you didn't go for the obviously and purposely obscure... but i'll do what i can with what you give me.


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