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          	that one friend

politics have always been a great divide
pitting brother against brother
mother against child
but this year feels so much bigger

i fear that i have become that one friend 
	the one that won’t shut up 
	the one that she feels is overreacting
	and i fear that she is that one friend that is just

years of building friendship from chance
	random roommates in college
built into cathedrals of laughter and tears on the shores of lake erie

and i don’t want that gone
	i miss the laughter that no one else understands
			the words that flow so quickly 
no one in their right mind can keep up
	i miss the understanding that only best friends have

3000 miles 
	but it may as well be light years 
	between us

and we grew with our husbands
	each of us changing slowly 
	each of us changing
			from the young kids that we once were

	leaving us           		distant

right now you are that one friend that i’ve cried about

right now we are that one friendship that i thought would last like diamonds

right now i fear so much
	i think that you have forgotten who i am
	and i don’t know you anymore

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I opted for a broken toe. Like, I actually CHOSE for this to be done. The story is simple and medical - I had a bunion. I’d always heard about bunions and how they hurt, but I had never really thought about them. Apparently, I also never really knew what they were or how they were dealt with.

My big toe was crooked and pushing into its neighbor. This push caused its root to push out and that caused a bump and nerve pain and swelling. While walking I would suddenly have quick, intense pain that would often cause me to yelp and stop moving.

I found a podiatrist. The fix was not particularly easy: he could break my toe. Yup, elective surgery that involved my doctor shaving off part of my bone, breaking my toe, and putting titanium in there to hold it back together and in the correct angle while it fuses.

It’s been just shy of two weeks. I can put weight on my foot again, gently and slowly, preferably with a cane to steady and help. I’ve barely left the house since the surgery. I love my house, but am going a bit stir-crazy. What is wonderful is that I have friends who are utterly awesome! My husband has been walking the kidlet to school each morning. He took over almost all of my household tasks and chores while I have been healing. A couple of friends have been picking up our son from school and bringing him home or to swim class. Another has brought me lunch with leftovers while my husband works.

I may hurt, but I am so blessed to be given the time and resources to heal. Who am I? Grateful, loved, and ready to write!
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[profile] ianhickson and i would like to thank jon (no lj), [personal profile] tiger_spot, [profile] andres_s_p_b, [personal profile] chinders, [personal profile] brooksmoses, [profile] densaer, and [personal profile] kethryvis for their wonderfulness of cars and labor.

we started at 11am and were finished, completely, by 4pm (that included eating pizza with everyone and then going back to the old place to rescue [profile] miss_pillar and [profile] sir_hedral.

the cats are a bit traumatized, but i believe that they will be ok soon.


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