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          	that one friend

politics have always been a great divide
pitting brother against brother
mother against child
but this year feels so much bigger

i fear that i have become that one friend 
	the one that won’t shut up 
	the one that she feels is overreacting
	and i fear that she is that one friend that is just

years of building friendship from chance
	random roommates in college
built into cathedrals of laughter and tears on the shores of lake erie

and i don’t want that gone
	i miss the laughter that no one else understands
			the words that flow so quickly 
no one in their right mind can keep up
	i miss the understanding that only best friends have

3000 miles 
	but it may as well be light years 
	between us

and we grew with our husbands
	each of us changing slowly 
	each of us changing
			from the young kids that we once were

	leaving us           		distant

right now you are that one friend that i’ve cried about

right now we are that one friendship that i thought would last like diamonds

right now i fear so much
	i think that you have forgotten who i am
	and i don’t know you anymore

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my son’s school has a volunteer program for parents
the morning after election 2016
i had to walk into his class as a “trusted adult”
	and tell these six year olds that they will be ok

oh god, i didn’t want to walk into that room

at line-up the parents’ eyes were all red rimmed from crying
			from fear
			from not knowing what is next

we were afraid to read about anti-bullying 
	   scared because we don’t know what to say 
			how to explain these results to our children

but we did it
	five of us read the preselected book about being blue
		and helped the children draw frowns and smiles on paper plates
			masks to show their faces
		i told them that cat videos make me smile
we told these children that we will protect them
			that we are here for them
			that we love them

	i hugged these children
		my child and his classmates

i am sad for my country
	grieving common sense
	mourning what was and what could have been

but soon
	i need to stand up
	we need to rise
			   in kindness and love
	i need to believe 
				for my son
				for your daughters
				for our transgendered children that are already dying
				for my immigrant husband
				for our parents on social security
				for our friends that are disabled
				for women  

we need to believe
	and we need to fight
				for our freedoms and for our rights

this is who i am
	and i refuse to be less
	         refuse to accept going backwards

i fight with my words
          			and with my hugs
	i believe in the future
				that we have one
				and i am helping to form it
	i have a son
there are versions of the future that terrify me

		i      am      terrified

	but i have to believe in possibility 
			          in love
			          in me and you

	teach with me
				believe with me

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		i’m with her

i’m angry        because i can’t sleep tonight

i’m crying and pissed off because i was happy
		content lying in bed 
          	ready for sleep

and i started with the memories

every word i’ve heard that made me
		started coming back to me
the side jokes of men
	brother and father
	cousin and friend
		grownups around the kitchen table
			in the livingroom 
			on the stairwell
			infiltrating all places of safety

the words that make me unsafe at night
	the ones that showed me
	that breasts are dangerous
					they make me weak
	that blood-flow makes me prey

my husband is away
	our son sleeps soundly upstairs
		i have a cat curled at my hip
and the words of women fly past me
	the truths of rape and pain
	the truths of soft flesh and hard bone
       the deep down poison of our current humanity

and i’m angry 
	because we are in a world that is approving of this
		that continues these stories
						this narrative
		that makes them normal, usual, typical 

this year i’m voting like my life depends on it
			because it does
	our very freedoms are at stake
	our very humanity lies in the balance of this election
		(normally i would think this is hyberbolic
				         		clearly an exaggerated claim
				but not this year
				      not this election
      not this man built of vitriol and darkness)

i vote kindness and inclusion
	i vote for the woman breaking ceilings everywhere she goes
		i vote for my grandmothers and maturity 
			i vote for my son to grow up to be a good
                             i vote for love
                                  i vote 
                                      and i matter


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