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we went to La Fondue for dinner tonight. MMmmMMMMm molten cheese, of this i approve.

we don't think it's any better, cheese fondue wise, than the Melting Pot though. we'd go again, but the melting pot is easier to get into without thinking and planning 2 weeks or more in advance.

however, in general, it is hard to go wrong with melted chesse as a meal.
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two years ago last night [profile] ianhickson and i met at burning man. he gave me his email address and separated while we went on with our separate playa time and lives while he went to europe for three weeks.

we set up dinner plans. which almost never happened (i forgot to email back, i SWORE i had said yes but somehow didn't). we both showed up for dinner anyway. where we then didn't recognize each other without a solid layer of playa and grime covering us. we stood outside the bookstore for at least 5 minutes just looking around until i decided that that *must* be him even though when i got there he didn't recognize me either.

once we finally got that settled we went to dinner and spoke for the next 10 hours. and i've never been so much in love. so complemented by another human being.

so, ian, i love you so much! for such an originally unlikely start to an unlikely pair, i can't imagine anyone but you!


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