Feb. 19th, 2016

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		        Isadora Duncan

tears no longer worked
	nor silence
	and dance was no longer saving her soul
rumor has it that          she begged
				she begged an italian sculptor for another baby
					another chance for that love
	 	for the streaming of wind against her mind
								her soul

barefoot dancer across the stage
	her movements natural
	borne of one another

      the child could not hold 
		its soul conflicted
			death hours after birth
				its soul streaming along ley lines
					her wishes and magic foiled
					leaving her childless 
						yet again

loss is so final
this child joins his siblings
	playing ring-a-round the rosie 
dancing with small bare feet in heaven  

there is beauty in dance

music moves through the air
bodies sway, skip across the floor
arms and legs akimbo
loose tunic streaming behind as she moves 
across the dance floor
		she is beauty and creation
		she is a force for change and joy

	three griefs weigh her heart
the world is cold and unforgiving
she danced for life
	stories told through barefoot movement
	her styled blossomed
breaking form 
toe shoes and leotards left at the ballet barre
grecian tunic 
	leaping, short hair streams in 

a gift of beauty
	a silk scarf long and painted
a gift of friendship 
freedom is always peeking from the next destination
	a promise of hope
		  of solace
she rides towards freedom top down
	the wind pulls at her skin
	long scarf flowing, streaming
		adding beauty to the invisible air currents

drive off towards beauty
	the past is streaming behind
		taking its tears
		          its loss with it	

	be careful, my friend
	all dances end
		be careful, Isadora
	you can use your scarf to swaddle your children 
                                              in heaven

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